Welcome to Blue Lotus’ New Website!

Welcome to Blue Lotus’ new website!!!  We hope that you enjoy it.  We have certainly had fun creating it.

In the past year, we have been hearing from people that our current website lacked focus, was difficult to navigate and didn’t give the right image of our vibrant community, school and the practice of Thai bodywork.  The website was fine, but it didn’t show off who we were.

2013-05-19 21.45.40Then, just as we began talking about creating a new website in March, I was down in Playa del Carmen Mexico, drinking coffee at Cacao Café on Avenida Cinco, my erstwhile office. Sitting at a table next to me was a woman with a dog.  I got friendly with the dog, Stella, and began talking to Stella’s friend, Natasha.  It turned out that she was a web designer, and she showed me her work.  I immediately was taken by it.  She told me about her mission; to support and create powerful platforms for people and organizations who are doing good work in the world.  It was clear from the first moment of our meeting that we were a good match.  Before I left Playa, we met in a business kind of way and finalized the deal.

A month later, when I saw the first draft of the site that she created, I was blown away.  It was clean, bright, informative, easy to navigate and easy to understand.  It was beautiful and exactly how I wanted the school represented.

Blue-Lotus-Thai-Logo-square-blueBut most surprising, while perusing the site, I began to understand Blue Lotus better.  I understood better what we do and how we do it.  That was when I knew that this was good work and that we made the right decision to go forward with a new design.

There is still plenty to do.  We want to get more pictures up on the site.  We want to create a few professional videos that show more clearly who we are and what Thai bodywork looks like.   In general, we want to show the world what a great program we have and the lives we have changed along the way.

We hope you take some time to dive in and look it over what we have so far.  Feel free to give us any feedback you have so that we can make it even better.

We, at Blue Lotus, wish you happiness and good health.  We hope to see you at one of our events in the coming year.

With Metta,

Paul and the rest of the Blue Lotus Crew!

Ps.    If you like the site and are interested in working with Natasha, you can . You can learn more about natasha and her work at


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