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The Art of Receiving

I always tell my students a few things about receiving massage. 1. There is an art to receiving massage as much as there is an art to giving it. 2. If you can’t relax while receiving, how can you relax while giving? (I’ve always thought that we should have a 6 month prerequisite program on just learning how to receive touch before anyone can begin to give touch!) 3. Our culture teaches us many things, but how to relax is not one of them. Somehow, there is the unspoken belief that we should just automatically “know” how to do it. And in some ways that’s true. But most of us, in our daily battles with the outside world, have forgotten. Not being able to relax around touch is not something to be ashamed of. It’s something we need to practice. It’s something we need to relearn. But for this little puppy, he has not forgotten yet! Show us, oh wise one, how we might fully receive healing touch!

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