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Eating Meditation

It’s September now and the fall harvest is right around the corner. For us city people, that often means less running around and eating out, and more time in the kitchen cooking and around the dinning room table eating with friends and family. I thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to a few reflections you might want to consider before you dig in to that steaming bowl of pumpkin soup.

Eating Meditation
An example of a reflection meditation

Why do we eat?

To nourish our bodies so that we can be healthy and vibrant so our spirit can express itself in the fullest way possible.
How Fortunate We Are

to have nourishing, clean and abundant food when so many in the world are hungry. This helps us appreciate what we have so that we don’t waste or overindulge.

Cultivating gratitude

for all the energy and effort it has taken to get the food to your plate. From the planting of the seeds to the harvesting of the plants to the transportation of each food item to the stocking of the shelves to person who checked you to all the people involved in cooking or preparing the food. In addition, even if you are a vegetarian, animals have been killed in the process of bringing food to your plate. For all the energy, efforts and sacrifice, we give thanks. Again, this gives us perspective and helps us realize our interconnectedness and dependence on the earth and all sentient beings.

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