Self Massage Discovery!

Even though I practice Thai massage, unless I am in Thailand, I don’t get even weekly massages.  (Of course, when I’m in Thailand I get one nearly every day!).  So, when I am too busy or too broke to afford a massage, I have discovered that I can create some of the same pressure and intensity I get in a regular massage on my own.  It began a number of years ago when I had a pain in my hip.  Nothing seemed to help it and in fact, my yoga practice seemed to make it worse (certainly more the fault of faulty practice than yoga itself).  I was laying on my yoga mat and I looked over to see my golf bag (golf being the main culprit in this problem!).  It hit me that I might try to lay on a golf ball.  It didn’t quite do it but I knew I was on to something.  I needed something bigger.  I grabbed the pen and pencil holder that was on my desk, emptied the pens out of it and began rolling on it.  I found the “spot”.  I stayed with it.  I breathed.   I waited. I tried to “give up”.  After a while of hanging with the pain (“good” pain), I began to stretch out a bit.  When I stretched I felt like I was stretching a muscle that wasn’t really being stretched during my yoga practice.  I played with this for a while that day.  And lo and behold, the pain nearly disappeared.   Wow.  A huge discovery.  A wonderful discovery.  And a lesson I wouldn’t forget.  I continue to this day to do self-massage and have found it to be a beautiful practice.   Beautiful in it’s effectiveness and beautiful in it’s simplicity.   I was sold.  And still am!  And I share it with whomever is open and ready for it.


Ps.  This picture has no relation to my post.  It’s just a cool mushroom (Amanita muscaria if you need to know) Oliver and I saw while on a long day hike near Aspen.

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