Eco-lite Travel Mat


Many of our graduates do outcalls and had a hard time carrying the studio mats around town.  We asked them to help us design the perfect travel mat.  Here’s what they wanted in a mat.

  • Lightweight
  • Rolls up way smaller than other mats
  • A carrying case that will protect the mat while commuting
  • Easy to carry (not awkward or bulky)
  • Straps that allow for easy carrying on one shoulder or on your back like a backpack
  • A non-petroleum, eco-friendly foam (no off-gassing)
  • An organic cotton cover

It wasn’t easy, but we did it!  And we have gotten rave reviews about it.  


  Yuko K. says, “It’s a must have for house calls! Soft and light!”

Carmen A. says, “I wear it on my back when I do house calls.”

Sarah M. says, “I love my travel mat.  I use it as my only mat, actually, in my office or on the go.  My clients think it’s comfier than a traditional mat and I like how it’s lighter and easier to break down.”

Quentin S. says, “The travel mat is thin and lightweight but also works very well to protect my knees and give comfortable support for my client. I have even slept on it for 10 days at a time and never had discomfort!”

Dusty B. says, “It is easy to carry up and down stairs and even for blocks when I have to park and walk any distance to my location. It has a space inside for a small pillow and a set of sheets.  My patients are always surprised at the comfort of working on the ground with the travel mat.  I have even used the travel mat as a bed when I travel.”


If you take public transportation, ride your bike, walk or drive to your destination, the Eco-Lite Travel Mat makes life so much easier! It weighs only l7bs, it’s easy to carry and it’s comfortable for you and your client. 

54”x 80”x 1”

17 lbs including bag

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Weight 17 lbs


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