Peripheral Vision

A couple of weekends ago I was teaching an introduction to Thai massage class in Woodridge Illinois.  There were around 25 students in the class all in little groups and as I was walking around after lunch I decided to really listen.  Not to words or meaning particularily.  But just to the sounds.  Listening as if I didn’t know the language.  The highs and lows, the way the sound ebbed and flowed as I moved around the room.  I sat down and closed my eyes and just listened in this way for a few minutes.  I tried to hear every sound without straining.  Just allowing it to wash over me.  It was like being at a movie theater with surround sound.  I felt giddy as I sat there, letting the sounds play with my senses.   I realized how so rarely do I listen in this way.  Most of the time I listen as if in a tunnel.  One thing at a time. Tuning everything else out so I can get meaning.  But what I see now more clearly is that meaning comes in many forms. And by opening up my mind to just enjoy the cascade of sound like waves in the lake Michigan I found I connected more to where my students were at at that moment.  I connected to the energy of the room.

So, to Thai it all together (haha), I think that when I am working on a person, by focusing so specifically on one thing, one problem, in trying to figure something out, I get that tunnel vision.  And sometimes that is a good thing.  But I am enjoying training myself to open up to hearing more and spending more time with the peripheral vision that all my senses are capable of.   In this way, I end up feeling more connected to that person and what their body is trying to say.  I probably miss 99% of it.  But I’ll take that 1% and keep trying for 2%!

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