In weekend (month) 5 of our six month program, we do a 40 minute silent meditation using the tools that we have practiced the previous four months such as compassion/lovingkindness meditation, 5 reflections, 5 hindrances, and basic awareness/concentration meditation. Afterwards we had students write haiku’s based on their experiences. Here are some of them:

Cultivate joy, warmth
Make a bonfire in your soul
Invite every Self

Saturday morning
Traffic doesn’t mean you’re late
Just don’t stop breathing

The mess
You try to clean up
It’s okay

The heart breathes
Trying to understand
Then stops

Between living flesh
And the pile of memory
Why make distinction?

Searh for lost
Open heavy heart
It comes

A tree of grackles
Hovers in my maple tree
Harvest moon above

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