Going to Thailand-Meet Felicity Joy!

Felicity Joy Keebaugh
When Blue Lotus went on the Thailand Adventure last year, we met Felicity Joy for the first time. Although we get instruction from many Thai teachers while we are there, Felicity, having been in Thailand for over 20 years, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about Thai bodywork, Thai medicine and Thai culture. In our years of taking students to Thailand, we have found that Westerners (Felicity is from Australia originally) who have lived in Thailand for a long time are great resources for us because they can translate the culture and practice to a Western mind. Since the Thai way of looking at the world is so different from ours, we rely on Westerners who have a lot of experience with the Thai mindset to help us make sense of what is oftentimes right in front of us!

Felicity, in her many years of living, teaching and practicing in Thailand, has been a disciple to two of the greatest teachers and practitioners in Chiang Mai, Khun Ni and the late Chaiyuth. I say disciple as being different than student. A disciple gets a phone call at 4 in the morning by their teacher and is told to get there as soon as possible because of an emergency, drives an hour to the teacher’s house where he is told to make him a cup of coffee and to go home. In the Eastern way, the right to the knowledge and wisdom of the practice must be earned. And one must show that they are not fly by night students. They must prove to their teacher that they want to learn, are willing to sacrifice for that knowledge and are able hang in there even when it is difficult and uncomfortable. They must be willing to sublimate their ego and submit to the teacher. The teacher must hold up his end of the bargain as well, as this is truly a transactional experience. He must use his power not to humiliate or bolster his ego, but to test the student for the resiliency and strength needed to be a disciple that can be counted on to honor and dignify the practice. Felicity has been a disciple to these teachers and because of that, her knowledge and wisdom has been hard fought and won.

Even though we only spend a day with Felicity, we gain so much from the experience. She is a great storyteller, has a wicked sense of humor and has so much teaching experience that she knows exactly what knowledge to impart on our group. The last time we were there we learned about Sen Lines, the Thai meridian system. In February, when we go on another Thailand Adventure, we hope to once again learn about Sen Lines from Felicity. We are planning on it. But note this: Because Thailand is Thailand, teachers, teaching situations and topics can change without notice. Whether we see Felicity or any other teacher we are highlighting in these emails remains to be seen. Even if we set it up that way, things are subject to change. Students need to be flexible and know that there are so many teachers and opportunities in Thailand that if one changes, another amazing one will take its place.

We hope you join us for this exciting once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Thai healing as it is practiced in the motherland! Learn more about the Thailand Adventure here!

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