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    Soft Touch

    Thai massage is often associated with strong physical work, both for the Giver and the Receiver.  Traditionally, Thai touch tends to be fairly aggressive and assertive.  Sometimes stretches are quick and deep or just deep and painful.  Sometimes compressions are quick and deep or just …

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  • Blue Lotus Thai Logo Square Blue

    Blue Lotus

    Ok. It’s official. Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies I have to say that we didn’t really make the choice to change the name. It was a decision that had more to do with trying to get out of the state’s radar. When we use the …

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  • Final Thoughts on 2012 Adventure

    Then we take them to someone like Mor Noi (Little Doctor). She is a traditional Thai doctor, an expert in healing herbs and other folk / Chinese / thai medicine. But more than that she is just a strong motherly presence who heals with the …

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    Considerations on Potential Pitfalls of Samadhi / Vipassana Meditation

    I just got back from a quick two day meditation at Wat Suan Dok (or an affiliated center) about 40 minutes outside of Chiang Mai. It’s a thing they do every week, and we decided to take our students there this year instead of trying …

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  • Teacher

    Thoughts on the Thai Massage Sequence

    Here we go again.  After years of thinking about what is traditional Thai massage, what is the “traditional” sequence taught to beginners, and how does this impact the teaching of Thai massage in the west.  I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. I …

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  • Telephone Meditation

    If you have a habit of anxiously picking up the phone the moment you hear it ring (I do it myself at times – though less than before), let it ring while you take one mindful breath. Try waiting a full two or three rings …

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  • The Little Doctor

    This article was written by Karen Ufer who joined CSTM in Thailand last March. One of the teachers that we really love is Mor Noi, and this post describes Karen’s experience with her. Enjoy! Mor Noi: the ‘little doctor’ in Chiang Mai (Mor = doctor, …

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  • Ustai Ustai Tara Farak – Same Same but Different

    Here is another amazing piece of writing by Joe Jablonski (Class 5) in Nepal.  Poetry and prose.  Expansive, lovely, zen Sitting on the roof of the clinic watching the sun set- yellow-orange streaks of light wash the hazed sky through dark gray clouds rising from …

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  • Reaction Reflection

    This morning on “Being” the show on NPR hosted by Krista Tippett, Sylvia Boorstein was interviewed and she has this great reflection that she uses when she finds herself “reacting” to some situation in her life.  I love it.  Especially the “sweetheart” part.  Calling myself …

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  • Beating the drum slowly slowly

    Everyone has a drum or two that they like to beat.  Some idea that they come back to regularly in their thoughts and conversation.  Something that that colors their world in a certain way.  I think one of my drums began to be constructed sometime …

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