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  • Mor Ta Group

    Paul Prattles On About. . . The Thailand Adventure

    A Day With the Good Doctor Ta It’s an exciting day! We are off to spend the day with one of my favorite people in the world, Dr. Ta. We step outside the guesthouse to lovely sunshine and warmth. It’s 10am and we cram into …

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  • Hangrys

    Paul Prattles on about . . . Hangry-ness

    The food cart is ambling it’s way down the aisle. But this is Spirit Airlines and there is only one way to procure a bag of peanuts and that’s by taking out the credit card. I refuse to do it. I find myself cursing the …

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  • LGBTQ Paradox in Thailand

    This is a fascinating article that highlights the paradox that is Thailand. Some strange blend of the mundane and the sacred. Where Buddhism is teaching mindfulness and compassion, yet, at the same time, it is stuck in conservative thinking that keeps women from being accepted …

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  • IMG 2979 1

    Thai medicine – Buddhist medicine – Impermanence

    Shiatsu has it’s roots in Chinese medicine. Shirodhara (the treatment of warm oil poured on the forehead of the patient) comes from the Ayurvedic understanding. Thai massage springs from Thai medicine. What is Thai medicine I hear you ask. This is a lot to pick …

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  • IMG 2728

    Searching For Authenticity in Thai Massage: Part One

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading, talking and working with folks out here in Thailand and in the States, and I’ve been asking a lot of questions about this practice. What the hell have I been doing for 20 years?  Pichest has taught me …

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  • IMG 2750

    It’s Elemental: Doctor “Ta” and Dry Sen

      This post is the first of I’m sure many that will expound on Thai element theory and other aspects of Thai medicine that get short shrift here in the west (in Thailand too it turns out).   Let’s get some understanding about element theory first …

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  • Bridging East and West

    I taught the first Blue Lotus four day “Teacher Training” this past week. I want to share one aspect that we investigated. Tool Online Fast furious legacy Coins As a teacher, I consider myself to be a bridge. I am bridging eastern and western culture …

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  • Elevator Pitch1 1

    Do You Have An Elevator Speech?

    Since we just graduated class 15 last month, I’ve been thinking about elevator speeches.  You know, that canned, but seemingly off the cuff little speech that you have in your back pocket for when you meet someone on the elevator. . . or at the …

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  • IMG 5474

    Eating Meditation

    It’s September now and the fall harvest is right around the corner. For us city people, that often means less running around and eating out, and more time in the kitchen cooking and around the dinning room table eating with friends and family. I thought …

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  • IMG 5157 2

    2015 Thailand Adventure Blog

    Hi Everyone, We just wrapped up the 2015 Thailand Adventure a week or so ago and as I rest my weary bones in this quiet, beautiful place in southern Thailand, I finally have some time to write about it.  But I’ll start with a picture …

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