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  • By Own Self Make

    Inspired once again by just five days with Pichest, I begin this prattle with perhaps the overriding theme of his world view; “by own self make”. It’s actually one of those extremely simple and at the same time extremely difficult things to practice. Often, when …

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    Beginning Prayer, Intention and Initial Touch

    This is an excerpt from the Big Program Manual. . . At the beginning of every Thai treatment, take the time to ground yourself, set your intention and give wishes or prayers for healing. Take your time and do not rush this process. First, position …

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  • IMG 5194

    Power, Strength, Fear and Aggression: A New Understanding

    Pichest Boonthumme – My teacher. How lucky I am. To have someone I can call Teacher. Ajahn as they say here in Thailand.   Some students came to visit the “Master” as they said. They read about him and wanted to get a treatment from the …

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  • IMG 5474

    Eating Meditation

    It’s September now and the fall harvest is right around the corner. For us city people, that often means less running around and eating out, and more time in the kitchen cooking and around the dinning room table eating with friends and family. I thought …

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    The Proper Uniform

    My good friend Blake McLemore (a gifted bodyworker in his own right), included this in his most recent newsletter.  It’s a poem by the irreverent Buddhist poet Ram Tzu and one of my favorites.  It’s so good that I am stealing it and putting it …

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    2015 Thailand Adventure Blog

    Hi Everyone, We just wrapped up the 2015 Thailand Adventure a week or so ago and as I rest my weary bones in this quiet, beautiful place in southern Thailand, I finally have some time to write about it.  But I’ll start with a picture …

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    Exploring the Meaning of Santutthi

    The Pali word Santutthi is the teaching of contentment with what one has. It is the polar opposite of the English word Consumerism that is the teaching of never being content with what one has. Around 45 years ago in Thailand, the government drafted their …

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    Going to Thailand-Meet Felicity Joy!

    When Blue Lotus went on the Thailand Adventure last year, we met Felicity Joy for the first time. Although we get instruction from many Thai teachers while we are there, Felicity, having been in Thailand for over 20 years, has accumulated a wealth of knowledge …

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  • IMG 2623

    The Art of Receiving

    I always tell my students a few things about receiving massage. 1. There is an art to receiving massage as much as there is an art to giving it. 2. If you can’t relax while receiving, how can you relax while giving? (I’ve always thought …

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  • IMG 2156

    Thailand Adventure 2014 !!!!

    The 2014 version of the Thailand Healing Study Adventure has begun.  The 11 students from Chicago, New York and Las Vegas arrived in Bangkok on Thursday night and walked out into the warm, humid air of Southeast Asia.  Such a relief from a very difficult …

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