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Blue Lotus

Ok. It’s official. Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies

I have to say that we didn’t really make the choice to change the name. It was a decision that had more to do with trying to get out of the state’s radar. When we use the word MASSAGE and the word SCHOOL it triggers all kinds of reactions from the state that require us, in turn, to react. And we are so small that the cost and time and paperwork requirements would force us to close down.  Because of that, we decided to “go underground” so to speak. We are still teaching the same program, which is actually is more connected to our new name – Thai Healing Studies – than the idea of Thai Massage. In other words, we teach a much more expansive program. In actuality, we are less of a technical massage institute and more of a self-awareness, self-growth program. So as this name has been bouncing around in my head, I’ve been really happy with it because I don’t feel tied to some tight sense of TRADITION that I felt when I was teaching THAI MASSAGE. Thai Healing Studies is closer to the point of what we do anyways. So I thank THE STATE for pushing us to create a name that supports our mission in a easier, more honest and more natural way. In a way that allows us to grow in new directions.

Thanks to all who helped along the way to turn CSTM to Blue Lotus. Because it all came from everyone who has supported us along the way. I am truly grateful for all of it!

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