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Blue Lotus Welcomes Beginners to Our Thailand Adventure

We are now opening the 2014 Thailand Adventure trip to beginners!  We have found a school in Chiang Mai that is up to our high standards and so we are going to welcome up to 7 beginning students to join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The school that we have for beginners is called SVG Thai Massage Training Center.  It is an offshoot of the Old Medicine Hospital (OMH) and run by the directors of OMH.  But whereas there might be 40 or 50 students in a typical class at the OMH, SVG will have a much smaller group, allowing for more tailored and individualized experiences.  We also like the fact that we are connecting to the OMH as it is the school where Pichest trained and worked many years ago.  It is in the lineage of our practice and teaching.

Currently we have 7 students who all have 180 hours or more of experience who are going to study with our teacher, Pichest in the first two weeks of the trip.  Because we don’t want to bring more than 7 students to Pichest, we have cut off enrollment for advanced students.

Both experienced and beginning students will be staying together at a guest house in the heart of Chiang Mai.   That way we can all enjoy each others company in the morning before class, head to class together (as it is in the same direction), and meet up after class for food and discussion of our experiences that day.

All the students will be together on all trips and activities outside the classrooms.  The only difference between the program of the beginning students and the experienced students is the location of the classrooms, the teachers and the specific teachings.

For more information, click the Thailand dropdown menu on the website!

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