• Telephone Meditation

    If you have a habit of anxiously picking up the phone the moment you hear it ring (I do it myself at times – though less than before), let it ring while you take one mindful breath. Try waiting a full two or three rings …

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  • The Little Doctor

    This article was written by Karen Ufer who joined CSTM in Thailand last March. One of the teachers that we really love is Mor Noi, and this post describes Karen’s experience with her. Enjoy! Mor Noi: the ‘little doctor’ in Chiang Mai (Mor = doctor, …

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  • Ustai Ustai Tara Farak – Same Same but Different

    Here is another amazing piece of writing by Joe Jablonski (Class 5) in Nepal.  Poetry and prose.  Expansive, lovely, zen Sitting on the roof of the clinic watching the sun set- yellow-orange streaks of light wash the hazed sky through dark gray clouds rising from …

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  • Reaction Reflection

    This morning on “Being” the show on NPR hosted by Krista Tippett, Sylvia Boorstein was interviewed and she has this great reflection that she uses when she finds herself “reacting” to some situation in her life.  I love it.  Especially the “sweetheart” part.  Calling myself …

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  • Beating the drum slowly slowly

    Everyone has a drum or two that they like to beat.  Some idea that they come back to regularly in their thoughts and conversation.  Something that that colors their world in a certain way.  I think one of my drums began to be constructed sometime …

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  • Throwing Stones

    I hope you enjoy this really great piece of writing by Riley Koren, CSTM grad and participant in our recently concluded month long Thailand Adventure. “When you throw a stone into water, it hurries the quickest way down to the bottom of the water. So …

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  • Shutterstock 54078625

    Inversions; Standing Thai Massage on It’s Head

    I was working with my friend and teacher Chance the other day.  We talked about inversions.  Inversions Thai style.  First, let’s define.  An inversion is when the heart is higher than the head.  Simple as that.  Let’s think of all the poses that we do …

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  • Tumblr Lndi6yqWgT1qi7spt


    I am titling this blog post “rant” because that how I discovered it on my computer. I only use this computer in Thailand. It’s a little thing and I just don’t have much use for it stateside. So when I opened this strange document called …

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  • Self Massage Discovery!

    Even though I practice Thai massage, unless I am in Thailand, I don’t get even weekly massages.  (Of course, when I’m in Thailand I get one nearly every day!).  So, when I am too busy or too broke to afford a massage, I have discovered …

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  • Peripheral Vision

    A couple of weekends ago I was teaching an introduction to Thai massage class in Woodridge Illinois.  There were around 25 students in the class all in little groups and as I was walking around after lunch I decided to really listen.  Not to words …

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