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    Blue Lotus Welcomes Beginners to Our Thailand Adventure

    We are now opening the 2014 Thailand Adventure trip to beginners!  We have found a school in Chiang Mai that is up to our high standards and so we are going to welcome up to 7 beginning students to join us for this once in …

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    Bridging East and West

    I taught the first Blue Lotus four day “Teacher Training” this past week. I want to share one aspect that we investigated. As a teacher, I consider myself to be a bridge. I am bridging eastern and western culture by bringing some “eastern” ideas to …

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    Beginning the Traditional Thai Sequence

    I am offering the occasional excerpt from the manual.  Here I talk about the Thai tradition of beginning at the feet and ending at the head.  For those who have other ideas or thoughts about this, feel free to chime in and add to the …

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    Welcome to Blue Lotus’ New Website!

    Welcome to Blue Lotus’ new website!!!  We hope that you enjoy it.  We have certainly had fun creating it. In the past year, we have been hearing from people that our current website lacked focus, was difficult to navigate and didn’t give the right image …

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  • Store

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    Our Partners

      Thai Blossom Chicago Thai Blossom is a Thai massage studio located in Lincoln Park and Buena Park. Check out the website for more information and to book a treatment. Read More  Visit Site   Chicago Oneness Center We are thrilled to be moving to our …

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  • Accolades

    Studying in Thailand is a vibrant, inspiring blend of traditional healing therapies, harmonious chanting, warm and friendly people, spicy food, meditative practice, temples, incense and a sense of community with practitioners from all over the world.  With Paul’s support and caring guidance, we were invited …

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  • Thai Bodywork Poses

    We’ve offered a few random pictures here to give you some idea of what Thai Bodywork looks like.   This compression in prone position helps relax the peronial muscles and takes pressure off the knee and ankle.   Stretching the hamstring with a bent knee …

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  • Our Teacher

    Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme Ajahn means revered teacher in Thai.  And certainly, Pichest Boonthumme is a master in the true sense of the word. When Paul Fowler went to Thailand in 1999, looking to study Thai massage, he got more than he could have imagined when …

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  • Our Team

    Paul Fowler Director, Co-Founder and Lead Instructor *RTT Instructor Level Paul Fowler was named the “Best Thai Massage Therapist in Chicago” by Chicago magazine in 2005. Featured in Time Out Chicago, Fox News, WGN morning news, and public television, he is a 2001 graduate of …

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