Studying in Thailand is a vibrant, inspiring blend of traditional healing therapies, harmonious chanting, warm and friendly people, spicy food, meditative practice, temples, incense and a sense of community with practitioners from all over the world.  With Paul’s support and caring guidance, we were invited into the homes, clinics and classrooms of master teachers and gifted healers.  In Chiang Mai, we learned daily how one might weave together a physical practice with honest self exploration, appreciation for emotional well being and respect for Buddhist precepts and ancient traditions.  Yes, we did expand our skill and technique but even more meaningful was the opportunity to cultivate empathy, keep a sense of humor and nourish our confidence in an environment where Thai bodywork, kindness and meditation are a part of the indigenous cultural and historical fabric.Janine Biskind
“This experience was unlike any other. It was a great adventure full of love and discovery. it has left me with an open heart that is overflowing with love. I am so grateful to have this trip in my soul, it was truly amazing and life changing. The food was incredible too!”Gaby Martinez
The Thailand trip is a very eye opening experience. Getting to know the culture and background that this style of massage gives great insight into the practice itself. Paul has also set up a wonderful variety of amazing teachers to experience on the trip, who have each their own style and approach. Plus the food is delicious!Jeramie Glasenhardt
I have traveled to many countries including Thailand as a tourist and enjoyed myself enormously. However my trip with Blue Lotus to Thailand was one of the best, I got to learn spiritual and healing traditions of this country and to see things from different prospective. Also I am not sure you can be a good Thai massage therapist without this trip. This trip was a perfect combination of learning and relaxation and a perfect setting for various travel experiences. Thank you Blue Lotus for making this trip unforgettable.Natasha Litbarg

I came into the Thailand Adventure with very little background in Thai Massage. Blue Lotus was able to connect me with a great school and great teachers. I am a massage therapist by trade, and the techniques and philosophy I learned in Thailand will certainly affect my practice forever.

Not only did I learn a valuable practice, but I learned a lot about myself. I believe it’s invaluable to be immersed in new cultures. The people I met and experiences I had will stay with me always. Keep an open mind and an open heart. I can not recommend this program enough.Anton Naess

Any ideas I had about Thailand did not prepare me for the awe-inspiring adventure that I experienced. Paul F. showed us local Thai culture and introduced us to amazing healers that I would never have experienced without his guidance. Paul’s Thailand adventure enhanced my learning and introduced me to a healing bodywork community abroad, and here at home.Christina Tomacic
I recommend Blue Lotus not only as a school that teaches good technique, but as a community that supports the development of powerful and effective healers.  The 6-month program with Paul Fowler and Paul Weitz was more challenging, edifying, and transformative than I could have anticipated.Aurora Tabar
After practicing Thai Bodywork for a short time I was looking for a school that would help me take my Thai practice to the next level.  Blue Lotus and director Paul Fowler were the perfect fit for me.  With deep foundational roots in Buddhist meditation, the Blue Lotus diploma program guided me on an incredible journey of self-discovery and insight.  Yes, I learned great Thai techniques as well as a highly effective and innovative Thai sequence – but far more valuable to me as a bodyworker were the skills that encouraged me to look deep within my heart and soul.Larry Birkett
Paul has a remarkable ability to share his own continuous journey of growth and learning with his students, in a way that inspires deep respect and confidence in his expansive and passionate knowledge of Thai bodywork, healing, and spiritual practice. He is definitely a teacher who practices what he preaches.Riley Koren

I realize now from your skillful teaching how much less muscle needs to be used from my own body to get just as effective results for my clients.

Julie Pluss

Thai methods have continued to complement my yoga practice, Paul and Paul are wise practitioners and effective teachers and have been consistently supportive of my practice and study.  Their commitment to Thai therapy and compassion towards students is inspiring.John Loft, RTT
Through Thai Bodywork, I have been able to create a greater sense of depth, flow and ease in my work.Terry Wohl
I got so much more than I bargained for from the Blue Lotus training: this program and its teachers literally changed my life.Sarah McLaughlin
I really liked the continuity aspect of the program, staying with the same group the whole time, I learned so much from my classmates.Tara Charney
Learning to quiet my mind and really listen to my body – recognizing tension, stress and holding in my body.  Finding ways to let go of that which is not serving me.  Accepting and being open to the physical state of my body each day.  Exploring body mechanics that work for my present physical state and adapting those mechanics to work safely with each unique body that I touch.  Learning to listen to and feel and read those same bodies.  Developing a deep sense of compassion.  Applying mindfulness to participate more fully in every aspect of my life.Larry Birkett

I feel that the Teacher Training (2013) taught me to slow down, pause, project my voice and be more aware of what my audience is doing and engaging with them more. It was really good practice for me presenting to a group. I think it will be very helpful for assisting with the next 6 month program and will improve my teaching of yoga. I also realized that it really takes clear and direct instructions for beginners, not over explaining but pointing out the most important points. I am interested in the idea of taking several poses and knowing the 2 or 3 points to focus on while teaching.

I think the most important thing I took away from the weekend would be to slow down, pause, engage with my audience and be more aware of what they are doing.

Over all, really good workshop!”
Cathie Bond

I very much enjoyed this weekend (Teacher Training 2013). It was just what I needed to bring my practice a step further. It made me take a look at my bodywork and break it down step by step, breath by breath. And while I was meditating by myself, it gave me the courage to openly practice it. I really liked the schedule; chanting, meditation, movement, then Thai work.
Michael Gonzalez
The weekend (Teacher Training 2013) was pretty amazing for me! I found myself to be a whole lot braver than I expected. I learned so much from the different exercises and probably lost a few pounds in sweat. Ha! It was fun to see others grow in their experience, and it was great to experience how their growth influenced me! All in all, it was great to spend a weekend of learning with everyone. Thank you!
Gaby Martinez

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