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Here is how Thai massage has been described by Blue Lotus graduates:

In other words, come to learn the cool Thai moves, and stay for the spiritual and theoretical framework that not only informs the physical practice, but has the potential to inform and perhaps even change your perspective on life.

Since 2008, Blue Lotus has been training people from all walks of life in the art and science of Traditional Thai Bodywork. In a world where time tested traditions have, for the most part been sidelined, pillaged, or dismissed entirely, Paul Fowler, director and lead teacher, has been diligently learning, practicing and striving to understand. Many of the students who have already gone through the 200 hour training found us while searching for a complete system, a holistic practice – not just in name but in deed as well. In Blue Lotus, they found a school that teaches a form of deep physical healing that not only recognizes, but lives up to the fact that physical, mental, and emotional healing cannot be separated.

Perhaps you are also one of those people who knows that we are more than just the body but the education you’ve had has tended to focus only on the body. What our graduates love about our program is that it integrates a beautiful, flowing, healing touch practice into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. And it does this in a completely natural way because this is how it is done in Thailand! The Thai/ Buddhist perspective on health, sickness, old age and death completely informs the huge toolbox of physical practices and techniques that make up the Thai medical traditions, of which Thai massage is a part of. If this sounds like what you have been craving, look no further. . . you are exactly where you need to be. Welcome!

After 22 years of going to Thailand, teaching and practicing Thai massage all over the world, Paul Fowler has what it takes to guide you on a journey that will engage you, challenge you, inform you and open your eyes to an entirely new world, one that is stunningly gorgeous, exceedingly generous, and has the potential for deep healing on many levels.


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