Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2011’

  • Throwing Stones

    I hope you enjoy this really great piece of writing by Riley Koren, CSTM grad and participant in our recently concluded month long Thailand Adventure. “When you throw a stone into water, it hurries the quickest way down to the bottom of the water. So …

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    Inversions; Standing Thai Massage on It’s Head

    I was working with my friend and teacher Chance the other day.  We talked about inversions.  Inversions Thai style.  First, let’s define.  An inversion is when the heart is higher than the head.  Simple as that.  Let’s think of all the poses that we do …

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    I am titling this blog post “rant” because that how I discovered it on my computer. I only use this computer in Thailand. It’s a little thing and I just don’t have much use for it stateside. So when I opened this strange document called …

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