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200 Hour Training Dates


Chicago 200 Hour Training Dates Below

The 200 hour training program starting April 27th is our trademark in-depth holistic Thai experience!

Classes meet one extended weekend per month.

Training Dates

Thursday: 5 pm – 8 pm
Friday, Saturday & Sun: 9 am – 6 pm

  • April 27-30
  • May 18-21
  • June 22-25
  • July 13-16
  • August 10-13
  • September 16-17 (note that this is only a two day practice weekend – 9am-5pm)
  • October 12-15

Student Clinic Dates (4 sessions are required)

Dates are subject to change depending on size and needs of the class.  We will lock them in during the first weekend of class.


  • Saturday, September 9   9a-2:30p (2 sessions)
  • Sunday, September 10   9a-2:30p (2 sessions)
  • Saturday, September 30  9a-2:30p (2 sessions)
  • Sunday, October 1   9a-2:30p  (2 sessions)
  • Thursday October 12  9a-2:30p (2 sessions)


Community Service Dates (Optional Blue Lotus “Field Trips”)


  • Thursday, August 10  9a-2p
  • Monday, September 18  9a-2p



Information about Student Clinic and Community Service

Student Clinic: Students  will give four 90 minute sessions to the general public in a school sponsored student clinic.  The clinics are set up in between the 5th and 7th weekends of the program.  We try to schedule the clinics on weekend days so that you can do two sessions in one day.   This is especially helpful for people who come from out of town.  It is our intention to schedule two sessions on a Saturday and two sessions on a Sunday so that those from out of town can come for just one weekend and fulfill their entire student clinic requirement.  If you are unable to make one or all of the student clinics, we do allow you to create a video of you working with someone.  There is a $75 charge per video.

Community Service: We require 8 hours of community service in order to graduate.  There are two ways you can fulfill this requirement.  You can join Blue Lotus on our community service “field trips” that we schedule between the 5th and 7th weekends.  The dates are shown above. We organize two field trips of four hours each. If you join us for both of them, you will fulfill the requirement.  If you join us for one of them, you will have fulfilled half of the requirement and will have to do the other four hours on your own.  If you don’t join us for either, you will have to do all the hours on you own.  You are welcome to create your own community service project no matter where you live.   Just find an organization that you feel would benefit from free bodywork and get it approved with us.  This is a good option for those out-of-towners that don’t want to come in for the Blue Lotus sponsored field trips.

Out of class study:  There is a fairly robust out of class study requirement for the program.  You will need to perform six 90 minute Thai bodywork sessions in between each weekend on family or friends.  You will also be doing reading and writing as well.

We hope this gives you a good idea of the commitment required for the Blue Lotus program.  We believe that this is a challenging practice that requires that you spend time “getting it in your body”.  We didn’t set out to make this program easy.  We set out to make it good.  If you agree, then join us for a great adventure into the “yoga of touch”!

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