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Thai Bodywork Poses

We’ve offered a few random pictures here to give you some idea of what Thai Bodywork looks like.

Thai Blossom Chicago

Thai Blossom Chicago

Thai Blossom is a Thai massage studio located in Lincoln Park and Buena Park. Check out the website for more information and to book a treatment.

Chicago Oneness Center

We are thrilled to be moving to our new home at Chicago Oneness Center. Our friends Edita and John have created the perfect space for our Big Program weekends as well as other workshops. It's light, clean and beautiful. There is a Thai massage studio already there. Edita has been studying and practicing Thai massage for many years and is deeply involved in the community. She runs Thai Blossom, a Thai massage spa. John practices massage as well and is a yin yoga teacher as a student of Paulie Zink.


This compression in prone position helps relax the peronial muscles and takes pressure off the knee and ankle.


Stretching the hamstring with a bent knee


Using the knee to compress the outer leg (peronial muscles)


Plow pose stretching the entire back body of the receiver

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